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October 29, 2013

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I get excited when I go pharmacy shopping. It almost makes me as happy as when I get my hands on the newest IT bag. I love browsing, exploring and experimenting. Good things can be found at the local pharmacy.

Sensa Cools

I reach for this when I am feeling a bad throat developing or if I have been eating too much fried or spicy food. It’s called a “herbal powder cooling drink for relieving heatiness”. Sounds like it could be a thick black bitter chinese brew but instead it is a sweet and lime flavoured drink with Vitamin C.  Just add water.

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa

This has been a staple in my family since childhood (and probably in most Chinese households). This cough syrup may look black and strange but it tastes like honey with a minty aftertaste. Made from only natural herbs, loquat fruit and honey extracts, I take 1 tablespoon neat or dissolve it in warm water and sip to relieve a cough. They now have little sachets of individual doses that are travel friendly.

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Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing Cream

Cetaphil is one of my favourite brands.  Made from shea butter, this cream is hydrating, light, absorbs easily and gentle on skin. It’s fragrance free and great for mixing with body oils for a nice hand and foot mask.

Curel lipbalm

I am always on the lookout for good lipbalms. The brand is specially formulated for sensitive Asian skin. Lipbalm with ceramide. Hydrating, zapped my chapped lips. No skin reactions. Thumbs up. Free samples on their Singapore facebook page. Ask for samples in Hong Kong with purchases.

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Bioderma Sensibio H2O – Micelle Solution (formerly Crealine)

The ever so popular make up remover gushed about by the fashion insiders. Verdict? Worth the hype.  Doesn’t irritate skin, takes off make up gently, unscented, mild. Nice.

Loreal Elnet Hairspray

Loreal always has great producs. I like this because it holds well and doesn’t make hair look stiff.  It’s easy to restyle hair just by brushing it out. No weird smell. Used by fashion and industry insiders for years.

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Thursday Plantation Tea tree oil

I use this as an antiseptic for cuts on feet and hands, particularly around the nail area that’s hard to reach. Note: NOT for use during pregnancy.

TCM Medicals Alcohol Towel

When bird flu hit Hong Kong, this sold out understandably.  These are 75% alcohol wipes that are good for times when I cannot find somewhere to wash my hands or for cleaning up toys when out. A little drying due to the high alcohol content. Be sure to moisturize later.

**Please seek medical advice prior to trying any products**

What are your favourites at your local pharmacy? Share your loves!

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