Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – Multi-Tasker

October 1, 2013


This is truly a multi-tasking product that is gentle enough to use even on my toddler.

This has been my go-to cleanser for over a decade. It is an all-over body cleanser and for face too. Because it is soap free, it doesn’t dry your skin like regular soaps / shower gels. At the same time it doesn’t lather but that doesn’t mean it isn’t doing its job. It’s non-scented too so you can apply your perfume without fear of “clashing” smells. ‘

Although it does say “cleanser”, when I feel any rash or irritation on my skin, I leave a swipe of it and let it dry.  On flights I bring a small bottle to wash my face and freshen up or sooth any rash that comes from the dryness. It says it can remove make up, however I don’t find it strong enough for mascara and sunblock so I use make up remover before washing my face with it.

In Hong Kong, where I live, the stores only carry the half litre bottles. In Australia, they sell 1 litre bottles at good prices.  They have started bringing the 1 litre bottle into Singapore too.  When I am in Australia, I grab a few bottles for home. I suspect the authorities have opened my luggage on many occasions to check out the unusually high number of 1 litre bottles in my bag, only to find Cetaphil Cleanser!

In Singapore, Cetaphil gives out free samples to try. Check out  their facebook page

Useful link: Cetaphil

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