“Celebrity” Beauty Routine – My Little Princess

October 11, 2013

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Hello World, you might be wondering just who I am. I am the princess in my family, much loved by Mummy and Daddy.

I am 2 years old, have shiny dark brown hair and bright dark brown eyes with a cheeky grin. I am a total girl and take my beauty regime seriously.  You may wonder what a 2 year old knows about skincare but you have not met me! Every morning I am extremely busy rummaging through my Mummy’s bathroom drawers for “treasures”. It’s also my way of telling her to “rise and shine!”

Mummy has a history of eczema and sensitive skin, so she’s made sure that all my skincare keeps me moisturized, happy, healthy and free from the itchies. I cannot wear make-up yet because Daddy would have a fit.  So let’s get on with the serious stuff and end the idle chit chat.

I love a nice warm bath. I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for my body and face, like Mummy does.  During the dry winter months, Mummy adds in some Mustella Stelatopia Milky Bath Oil to give me extra moisture. Its main ingredient is sunflower oil, which is known to be rich in Vitamin E that helps to preserve moisture on the skin. Be careful when stepping out of the bath because it can get slippery!

For my hair, I use Physiogel Shampoo plus for sensitive scalp to ensure my scalp as well as my hair are cleansed from all the running around I do all day. You will not believe what the workout from whizzing the slides and hanging with my friends does to my hair. This shampoo contains Vitamin B5 and is gentle yet cleanses thoroughly, keeping my hair shiny and scalp healthy.

After a brisk drying with my fluffy Little Giraffe towel, I ensure my skin stays moist and silky with Unicare Skin Balsamcream in the drier months and Physiogel cream in the warmer and humid months. I have tried a few “fancy” creams but they don’t do the job as well as these 2. Best of all, these are affordable and effective.

Unicare isn’t greasy and a little goes a long way. Its main ingredient is Sorbolene with 10% Glycerin. It keeps my skin moisturized to prevent eczema or rash. Its unscented and has no colouring.  A pretty plain and simple product. I apply this to my face and body too.

Physiogel cream is free of preservatives, non scented and has no colouring. It can be a little oily so don’t apply too much near the hairline unless you are going for a “greased” look.

If I get a scratch, an insect bite or a bit of a rash, Mummy reaches for Jorubi Aloe gel. When I was little, Mummy used it to treat my diaper rash too. It feels cool, soothes and heals my skin quickly. It has no added chemicals and is 99% pure aloe vera.  If I am feeling overheated, Mummy gives me a spritz of Avene Springwater spray.

That’s all for now World, till the next time when I am old enough for make up.  Love My Little Princess xoxo

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