Accessories of the day – History and Meanings

November 13, 2013

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I am quite a sentimental person when it comes to jewellery. I like things with some history and meaning. Especially when it comes from family. Recently my mother passed down some delicate gold bracelets which she bought while pregnant with me. She said at that time she wasn’t able to buy clothes so she bought jewellery instead. How convenient!

One of my best friends picked up this pretty limited edition Hermes silk bracelet in Paris for me with the signature riding boot charm. It can be worn as a necklace too.

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After I had my daughter I went hunting for pendants to represent her. I found these dainty ones in Chinatown goldsmiths in Singapore. I love browsing in these old goldsmiths which sadly seem to be disappearing fast. They have the most amazing and beautiful things you don’t see in modern jewellery shops. The rabbit is to represent the year she was born, the shoe because it was just too cute and a little girl to represent her of course.

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Gold bracelets: Mum Inc, Silk bracelet: Hermes, Diamante bracelet: Tunique, Gold necklane and pendants: various goldsmiths.

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