About My Own Loves

This blog is about the things I love. It started with what is close to my heart – sensitive skincare.

Not all sensitive skin is the same so it’s never a “one product fits all” situation. There is a lot of trial and error involved.  As a person who had eczema as a child and now thankfully grown out of it, I still have sensitive skin that reacts to changes in seasons, stress, humidity, food, etc.

In my quest to find my “own loves”’, I was surprised to find out that many of the better products can be found at your local pharmacy. Less is more – as in, less preservatives, less or no scent, less ingredients. Skincare is a mix and match of products, be it high end or affordable.

I believe good living comes from a wholesome approach – mainly a healthy lifestyle (that I try to stick to but have my weak moments) and happiness which comes from my LOVES like family, people, health, fashion, beauty, travel, food, which I will also share with you.

I hope you will find this entertaining and useful!


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