The Morning After – Tracy Anderson The Method For Beginners

October 22, 2013

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I survived! The aftermath meant today I had to roll out of bed from an aching body and I can’t turn my head but I enjoyed it.

Here is my take:

This is a perfect beginner workout. Her workouts are easy to follow, incorporating some simple dance moves for light cardio. Even people with two left feet can follow this. It has two 30 minute workouts for toning the entire body. Minimal equipment is required – light free weights, wrist and ankle weights and a chair. I didn’t feel ready so I ditched the weights. Even then it was effective enough that I was covered in perspiration and my heart rate was up.

Part one has arm and leg work plus a lite version of her dance sequence. The exercises look deceptively simple yet made my muscles burn. It started nice and slow with ample instruction from TA on positioning and form. I especially liked the front kicks and leg lifts which worked the butt and hip area. I can imagine it would be more challenging if I had used the wrist and ankle weights. She’s quite encouraging and just looking at her nice toned body gave me motivation to carry on when my mind kept saying SOFA!

Part two has balance work, stretching, standing ab exercises and lower body focus.  I really like her arm exercises that I could feel working immediately. Who knew such simple exercises could do so much good (or make you feel so tired you can’t lift your arms after?) I could feel my butt benefitting from the lower body routines. It hurts to sit! So this is what the stars go through! I wished she had done more ab work because I didn’t feel the standing ab exercise did much for me.

Overall it wasn’t as difficult as I expected. It was surprisingly, dare I say, FUN. Sure, I was aching all over and could barely walk afterwards, but that means my muscles got a work out. It felt good to get the blood circulating and get my lazy butt kicked. It also made me more aware of how to get the most out of each exercise. Most importantly, the DVD wasn’t so challenging that I felt like throwing in the towel midway. Maybe someday I will graduate to her full fledged Method DVD.

TA recommends that people do this DVD routine daily or at least 4-6 times a week. I don’t think that’s realistic for me, so I am committing to “seeing’’ her 2-3 times a week for now.

I will be combining this with a healthier diet in my quest to remove the remaining ‘’mummy weight’’. Wish me luck! xoxo

Have a look at her video clip here to see what to expect.

For all you mummies out there, it is worth checking out her post pregnancy DVD especially for focusing on the mid section. See video here.

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