BebeBalm and Bebebugs – Summer essential and Relief for sensitive skin!

I Love Summer. I love the blue skies, the warm sunshine, the summer collections, the beach, summer holidays 🙂 However together with the warm sunshine comes dry skin, sunburn, mosquitoes and midges! It wrecks havoc on my skin – dry, allergies, itch, mosquito bites all at once. And my daughter and I happen to be […]

Hong Kong Pharmacy Finds – Good Things

I get excited when I go pharmacy shopping. It almost makes me as happy as when I get my hands on the newest IT bag. I love browsing, exploring and experimenting. Good things can be found at the local pharmacy. Sensa Cools I reach for this when I am feeling a bad throat developing or […]

Avene Trixera Selectiose Emollient Cream – Skin Quencher For Dryer Climates

The Selectiose range is specifically for eczema prone skins to provide moisture, preserve moisture and thus preventing dryness that could lead to skin itching or inflammation. I was initially skeptical but was sold once my parched skin breathed a sigh of relief.  My skin was soothed, calm, kept nourished and free from any irritation. This […]

Avene Springwater – 101 Uses

A few years ago I discovered Avene, a French brand formulated from springwater. It also began my fascination with French pharmacy brands. But we will get to that another time. I set out to try the Avene product line. Its springwater spray was the first product I tried and I have been a loyal supporter eversince. […]

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