Honeyce Moisture Repair Series Review

I had a bit too much fun in the sun during my beach holiday recently. As expected, due to overexposure to the sun, my skin and hair became dehydrated, needing lots of help with rejuvenation. Apart from healing facials and daily masks to treat my skin, I also needed almost daily hair masks, moisturizing hair […]

Dr Jart+ Ceramidin range – New Korean Skincare Discovery

I am a big fan of Korean skincare, cosmetics and haircare. A trip to Seoul is never complete without a suitcase back filled with the latest makeup and hair products. I recently discovered Dr Jart+. Founded by a Korean dermatologist in 2005, Dr Jart+ formulates paraben-free and hypoallergenic products with a team of dermatologists. Its […]

Sunscreen – So Essential But A Challenge To Find The Right One – Part 2 – Coppertone & Avene

Sunscreen for outdoor activities No matter what season we are in, sunscreen is very important. A few tips on sunscreen that people often aren’t aware of: A higher SPF doesn’t necessarily mean significantly better coverage if you don’t reapply often enough. Reapply sunscreen after swimming or perspiring heavily. If not, reapply approximately every 2 hours, […]

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