I Love Hong Kong – My Favourite “Grown up” Restaurants

Earlier on I did a blog post on my favorite casual eateries in Hong Kong. I thought it wouldn’t be complete without telling you about some of my favourite more “dressed up” haunts where the tables are spaced far enough for some privacy. Ballgowns and tuxedos not required but please comb your hair and leave […]

Happiness Mood Board – Looking Forward to Christmas

It’s getting closer to Christmas, my favourite time of the year. The main thing that makes me happy is the gathering of my family, which is very special since we live in different countries. I also get to spend time with my good friends who all come home from across the globe. The time leading […]

I Love Hong Kong – My Favourite Casual Eateries

Hong Kong is the land of eating and shopping. Whenever friends from home come into town, their main question is “Tell us where to eat!” Here is my Casual list of wallet friendly eateries to visit and explore. One disclaimer though – don’t expect ambience nor stellar service, if you get a semi-smile from the waitstaff, […]

I Love Paris – Some Favourites

My love affair begun years ago. I have always enjoyed my trips – the shopping, the atmosphere, the good company and of course the food. Somehow I almost always manage to meet friends there without planning ahead. There is always something new to discover each time and the old favourites to relish. Here are some of […]

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