Mr Green Juice Hong Kong – Cold Pressed Juice Review

November 26, 2014

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Like most people, I enjoy an occasional burger (or two), fried food (who can resist fried chicken?!) and need some caffeine.  I come from the old school thinking of eating my fruits and veggies instead of juicing them.  But the cold pressed juice trend is proving difficult to ignore. Also, since my Pilates trainer gave cold pressed juices her stamp of approval, I decided to try it out.

So what is cold pressed exactly? And whats the difference compared to conventional juicing?

Basically the regular juicing method creates heat and thus destroys most minerals and vitamins. Cold pressing instead uses hydraulic pressure to press the ingredients. This extracts the most from each fruit or vegetable and retains more minerals and vitamins because no heat is produced in the process.

If I was going to do this, I was going organic.  Only Mr Green Juice in HK is organic, sourcing produce from local farmers and (later I find out) use Volvic mineral water. Its founders feel that Volvic has the most minerals and taste of the combination to be most delicious.

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My previous impression of healthy juices in general is that they contain all the good stuff but fall short in taste.  The kind where you can taste the rawness of the ingredients (and sends you running for the loo), all of which I tend to stay away from. I was pleasantly surprised by Mr Green Juice.  Raw can equate to delicious and yummy.

Pressed the afternoon before, Mr Green Juice is good for 2 days upon delivery, with the due date printed on a label on each bottle. Mr Green Juice advises to refrigerate the juices as soon as received to maintain freshness. Each 450ml bottle packs in 1kg of fruits and veggies. So for those time pressed people out there, you can get your daily dose of goodness in a bottle and it can even replace a meal. For those wanting a cleanse, Mr Green Juice also has its juice cleanse combinations conveniently put together.

Recently, Mr Green Juice kindly sent me some of their juices to sample.

First impressions? I  love the reusable glass bottle packaging with a label attached by a rope detailing the ingredients. Nutritional details can be found on the website. Bottles can be returned to Mr Green Juice for recycling. The freshness of the juices can be seen in the vibrant colours on each bottle. With cool names like Immunity Boost and Daily Beauty, you kinda know what you are getting into.

Almond Strong

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Technically not a juice, this is my favourite. As a snack or for those who are lactose intolerant, nut milks are a great alternative.  Almond Strong is creamy, light, delicious, not too sweet. Contains almonds (of course), dates, cinnamon, sea salt and water. You can even mix this with your morning cereal or coffee to replace milk. Almonds are an energy booster and great for bones, teeth, skin and heart.

Glowing Skin

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Containing honeydew, apple, cilantro and ginger, Glowing Skin is great for a detox and hence better skin and overall health. The taste is light and the combination is well balanced with a light gingery aftertaste. I admit I wasn’t keen when I saw ginger was in this drink but surprisingly it didn’t overpower. Yummy!

Immunity Boost

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We all need an immunity boost with our busy lifestyles. The strong orange colour at first glance  looked like this was going to have a strong carrot flavour. However the sweetness of the apple made this drink refreshing and delicious. Contains apples, carrots and ginger. Great for preventing illness as its name suggests. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Daily Beauty

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With its deep red colour, this looked most appetizing. Containing beet, carrot, apple, pear, ginger, (which are some of my favourite fruits), this juice is great for giving you the glow from within and improving digestive health. Personally I find the ginger taste a tad strong but if it means better skin, so be it!

Health Bomb

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I would say for people out there who don’t have time / don’t like eating greens, this is a quick way to get your daily dose. Containing bok choy, spinach, carrot, apple, celery, lemon and tumeric, this is detox and anti-oxidant central. If you like green juices, this would be it!

Good Morning

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Containing honeydew, lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper, this has a zingy and gingery aftertaste. Indeed perfect to perk up your system! Inspired by their grandmother, the founders believe this drink will help to flush out your system for a great cleanse and improve digestion.

Overall  I enjoyed sampling Mr Green Juice, it’s a great alternative to getting my daily dose of natural vitamins and minerals.  The taste of cold pressed juice is indeed different to conventional juicing. I am a cold pressed juice convert!

Mr Green Juice is available on its website and delivered to your doorstep Mondays to Fridays. It is also available at IPC Food Lab on Caine Road , Core+ in Stanley and soon at more organic grocery and cafes too. Have a healthy day!xoxo

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  1. Heard about this new trend/hype of cold pressed juice. Thanks for giving us some insights. Can you share some figures on how much it will cost? I heard its expensive. Thanks

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