Honeyce Moisture Repair Series Review

June 2, 2015

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I had a bit too much fun in the sun during my beach holiday recently. As expected, due to overexposure to the sun, my skin and hair became dehydrated, needing lots of help with rejuvenation. Apart from healing facials and daily masks to treat my skin, I also needed almost daily hair masks, moisturizing hair serums and hair treatments to treat, protect and bring things back to “normal”.

The team at Honeyce kindly sent me their Moisture Repair Series consisting of Shampoo, Treatment (Conditioner), Damage Repair Hair Milk (Serum) and Damage Repair Hair Mask, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was a burst of bright yellow bottles that looked good enough to eat. The packaging looks like honey bottles with the cutest bee motifs. The scent in the bottle is sweet but not overpowering saccharine. I was won over by the packaging alone. A delightful package from MoltoBene!


Owned by the MoltoBene Group, a 40 year old Japanese professional haircare brand, Honeyce is 100% made in Japan. MoltoBene prides itself in providing professional salon products as well as quality haircare for retail with natural ingredients.

Honeyce’s benefits have not gone unnoticed. It’s an award winning product – @Cosme, a well known Japanese industry beauty review site ranks the products No 1 and Fashion Guide, a Taiwanese beauty forum, awarded it the Premium Product Award.

As you already know, I am a fan of all things natural and have sensitive skin (scalp included). I have been using the Moisture Repair Series for a while now – its gentle enough for my scalp as well as repairing my hair post beach trip.

With Honey as the main ingredient – 8 types of honey such as Manuka Honey, Raspberry Honey, Clover Honey as well as 8 types of other good stuff like jojoba oil, argan oil, rosemary oil, shea butter, keratin – the series works to repair, strengthen and moisturize. It also employs a 8 harm-free formula, containing no harsh chemicals nor parabens. Let’s just say it has become a regular fixture in my bathroom and my hair and scalp have been thanking Honeyce!

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Honeyce Moisture Repair Shampoo

The silicone free Shampoo is light with a slightly runny texture. It lathers up quickly, cleans hair and scalp gently, rinses out easily. Best of all it doesn’t weigh down my hair. My hair is silky and bouncy.

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Honeyce Moisture Repair Treatment

Also silicone free, the Repair Treatment (which I consider the conditioner) is light and creamy. I applied 2 pumps to my medium length hair. After washing out, my hair was silky soft with no heavy residue.

Both were refreshingly light yet moisturizing. Usually moisturizing shampoos and conditioners tend to be quite heavy and sometimes I get the dreaded oily scalp and my fine hair becomes limp. Honeyce, on the other hand, leaves my hair silky, bouncy and smelling great. The scent is lovely too – it smells sweet in the bottle and when used, it mellows out to a sophisticated “salon scent”.

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Honeyce Damage Repair Hair Milk

Like the rest of the series, the leave on Hair Milk (which I consider the serum) also had a light consistency and is absorbed into hair quickly. After shampoo and conditioning, I apply 2 small pumps of it to the middle to ends of my hair before blow drying to protect my hair from the heat. After blow drying, my hair is silky and smooth. Even after a nap, my hair is still presentable with a quick brush through. Best of all – No frizz!

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Honeyce Damage Repair Hair Mask

A few times a week, I substitute the Repair Treatment with the Hair Mask for a mini treatment for about 5minutes to give my hair extra moisture, strengthen and protect it. The mask has a thicker texture like a paste and I usually do not need alot for it to work well.

All this goodness can be found at Watsons in Singapore or Hongkong. Its affordable too, costing S$19.90 each in Singapore and HK$82 in Hong Kong. Good news too, from now until 1 July 2015, receive 10% off in Watsons Singapore! xoxo

More info on Honeyce HERE and HERE

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