Hello Kitty All Grown Up – New Sahara Plankton Skincare

November 19, 2013

Hello Kitty is my childhood sweetheart, I loved her more than Barbie (No 2) and My Melody (No 3). She will eternally be sweet and delightful in my eyes.

Hello Kitty Face

Hello Kitty has come a long way. When I was a child, her main products consisted of stuffed dolls or pretty stationery. These days, Hello Kitty has gone beauty – with skincare for a wide range of ages and skin types, formulated from cutting edge laboratories in Europe.

Photo credit: Labceuticals

I recently discovered its newest skincare range, Sahara Plankton, in which its main ingredient is a marine algae found in the Sahara Desert. I have come across Ocean Plankton in Biotherm, Kiehls, La Prairie but never Sahara Plankton. My first question was – Isn’t the Sahara supposed to be the driest place on earth? The Sahara is the last place one would look for moisture. I was intrigued.

The desert is extremely dry and conditions are hostile for living things. Only a few can survive in this environment. One of which is the Sahara Plankton. The beauty of it lies in its moisture retaining, protective and restorative qualities. It is said to be able to retain 460x of water by cell weight.

The Hello Kitty Plankton range incorporates all the characteristics of the sahara plankton. Its range is extensive (Hello Kitty thinks of everything) – eye cream, make up remover, sunscreen, masks, lotion, toner, cleanser, lipbalm amongst others in a “grown up” sleek packaging.  Yet it’s still girly and pretty in pink!

I managed to get my hands on some products just in time for fall and winter. We all need more moisture, protection and revjvenation for all seasons.

I was excited to try this new discovery especially with Hello Kitty!

What I like is the scent in this range. It’s very light and isn’t too overpowering sweet. It smells sophisticated.

Moisturizing Cleansing Foam

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The texture of this cleanser is light. Just a little is sufficient to produce fluffy soft foam on your face when mixed with water. It’s gentle and didn’t dry out my skin. After washing off, my skin felt clean, moisturized, refreshed and brighter. It also removed light make up.

Final test: I didn’t experience any skin irritations post use. Pretty good for my type of skin which tends to “complain” about a lot of products!

Moisturizing Toner and Moisturizing Lotion

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Next step was the Toner. It’s pretty important for me that a toner does it job of tightening pores as well as being gentle and non-irritating. This does just that. When applied to the face with a cotton pad, this is good at removing any remaining traces of cleanser or dead skin cells. It also leaves skin soft and moisturized, unlike some toners which actually dries out skin.

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Last step was the Moisturizing Lotion. It goes on clear and is non-greasy. On application, I could feel my skin instantly hydrated like it was having a drink of water. The lotion absorbs easily, doesn’t leave a sticky finish and is very light. No skin reactions. I love Hello Kitty!

I was impressed by the quality of the product and the results it yielded. I am a new Sahara Plankton convert.

Hello Kitty + modern technology = Irresistible!

Check out Hello Kitty here and here

*When trying new products, I suggest you do a patch test first. Products that work on me may not work the same on you*

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  1. Interesting. i’m usually very skeptical about these and never actually tried. Good to know it works for you. Thanks for the review.

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