Caudalie Instant Detox Mask Review

April 7, 2015

After one of my regular massage treatments at the Caudalie spa recently, my therapist passed me a sample of Caudalie’s newest addition to its face mask range, the Instant Detox Mask, also in its new packaging with wooden cap.

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I already use the Moisturizing mask and Purifying mask regularly so I wasn’t too worried about any sensitive skin reactions. That out of the way, I also had a few red blemishes starting to appear on my chin and nose, you know, the type even thick concealer cannot totally cover up. My skin was in need of a detox pronto.

I was instructed to only apply a thin layer and leave it on for only 5-10minutes. The 99% natural clay formula deep cleanses and tightens pores. As with all clay masks, the skin will be tightened and the impurities will be sucked out of pores. If left on too long, there will be a pulling effect which could (eek!) create wrinkles.

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The Instant Detox Mask contains pink clay to purify, anti oxidant grape marc, papaya enzymes for exfoliation as well as essential oils to sooth and balance. The mask is creamy pink gel texture that’s pretty light. As with Moisturizing and Purifying mask, the scent reminds me of a day at the spa. I applied this to my T-zone area only (chin, nose and forehead) which tends to be oily.

After 5 minutes I could feel it drying on my skin. At the 10 minute mark, the mask has completely dried and I could feel a light pulling effect. I rinsed off with warm water. My blemishes had reduced and the redness had subsided. I decided to repeat this the next day and on the 3rd day, my blemishes had almost disappeared. Crisis averted, thanks to Caudalie!

The Instant Detox Mask is a great addition to Caudalie’s face mask range, which I mix and match according to my skin condition. Caudalie is available at their spa in Hong Kong, Caudalie Online  or Sephora.

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