BebeBalm and Bebebugs – Summer essential and Relief for sensitive skin!

July 3, 2016

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I Love Summer. I love the blue skies, the warm sunshine, the summer collections, the beach, summer holidays 🙂

However together with the warm sunshine comes dry skin, sunburn, mosquitoes and midges! It wrecks havoc on my skin – dry, allergies, itch, mosquito bites all at once. And my daughter and I happen to be mosquito magnets unfortunately.

My usual remedies are good but  I am constantly seeking out remedies that are more natural, gentle on skin, safe for kids and yet effective.  Having tried so many “organic” remedies with lengthy claims, I found they were just another expensive jar of moisturizer at best.

I heard about Bebebalm from a bestie living in Shanghai (another mosquito hotbed during Spring/Summer).  She applies Bebebugs on her kids before school and at night to protect them from the dreaded bugs.  She also has eczema and uses Bebebalm to calm her allergies.

Bebebalm was so kind to send me samples of their Bebebugs Itch Eraser and Bebebalm Super Nourishing Moisturiser! I also have a GIVEAWAY coming up so stay tuned!

So what is Bebebalm?

Created with lots of love by a fellow Mummy for her baby’s severe eczema (I think many mums can relate to that), Carol Ong decided to ditch the steriod creams and create her own natural remedy with her doctor husband and dermatologist aunt.  Combining nature and science, Bebebalm was born.  Formulated to be gentle enough for babies, Bebebalm can be used on babies, kids and adults alike.

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Bebebugs Natural Itch Eraser Insect Repelling Moisturizer  

Made with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Lavender & Neem, Lauric acid, (that has natural mild antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-itch properties) and other gentle plant extracts, Bebebugs is gentle enough for babies 3 months and up and on adults with sensitive skin too. It does not contain parabens, DEET, nor any harmful chemicals.

Bebebugs is a lightweight moisturizer that has many uses.  It is mainly used as an insect repellant and to ease bug bites.  Other than that, as its made of natural ingredients, it can be reapplied as needed to calm heat rash, eczema and any kind of rash/itch, burns, minor sunburns, soothing pimples.  For more uses, see here.

To repel insects, Bebebalm advises to apply Bebebugs to exposed areas 2-3x a day and reapply when you sweat. It is made to be extra gentle for babies and washes off easily, so reapplying is a must.

The texture is a balm form that can turn soft in the heat. If you like it more firm, I just pop in the fridge for about 10 minutes to harden it abit before applying.  It is slightly oily but after it dries it’s not sticky. The scent is subtle and reminds me of combination of lemongrass and coconut.  Not a bad scent for us, but not pleasant for the bugs and the like so they will buzz off 😛

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Trial one – At the Park

My mosquito magnet daughter and I gave it a try firstly as a repellant at the park, a hotbed for mosquitoes. Instead of using 2 mosquito patches like I usually do, I used one patch on her and applied a thin layer of Bebebugs to her legs, arms and neck.  The patches are effective in keeping the mosquitoes away but the strong smell and its unknown long term effects does concern me, so I was glad to reduce her exposure to it with Bebebugs which is made of natural ingredients.

My legs always get bitten even with a mosquito patch, so I also applied Bebebugs to my legs and arms to accompany her to the dreaded mosquito pit aka playground.  Mine and my daughter’s skin are ultra sensitive so it usually reacts quickly if a product doesn’t suit us.

Verdict:  No mosquitoes bites for both of us and no allergic reactions! I didn’t have to consciously look out for the mosquitoes nor did I feel them buzzing around my legs.  It also didn’t leave a waxy film after I washed it off which is another plus. I don’t like carrying bottles of insect repellant spray and those tend to leak so Bebebugs is perfect as a natural complement.  I think I may even be able to get rid of the mosquito patch sometimes.  Definitely a keeper and a handbag essential for summer!

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Trial two – Treating Mosquito bites

Sometimes when you think there are no mosquitoes or bugs, there still are. It’s inevitable that we get bitten sometime. Usually the bites cause mine and my daughter’s skin to swell up almost like a small ball and forms itchy red welts.  So attractive, no? I especially detest the midges which are so small you can’t even see them until you see the angry red spots on your arm/leg/wherever.

Once bitten, I applied Bebebugs immediately to the affected spot. I repeated a few times and it helped to soothe the itch, bring down the swelling and redness.  As it is made of natural ingredients, it will take some time to take effect.  Bebebugs has healing and moisturizing properties that help to treat the skin while also taking away the itch. A big plus for me!

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Bebebalm Super Nourishing Moisturizer for Extremely Dry, Damaged Skin

As you all know, my skin is hyper sensitive and eczema prone. Thankfully I have been able to keep it under control, but I am always looking for a natural alternative as a remedy for my family and I.

Like Bebebugs, Bebebalm is made of natural ingredients, namely Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and enriched with Lauric Acid.

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I would have to say that Bebebalm is my new favourite moisturizer for chapped lips and controlling minor eczema.  Instead of reaching for steriod creams, I use Bebebalm on my eczema when it first starts, to keep it under control and prevent futher flareups.  I also use Bebebalm for dry hands, feet and heels.

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It is also in balm form like Bebebugs but the texture is more firm and less runny. Bebebalm is non sticky, not oily and absorbs easily.  There is a subtle coconut scent which is not noticeable after a while.

It has many uses, such a healing stretch marks, as a facial moisturiser, soothing heat rash, removing cradle crap, treating diaper rash, pimple relief  which can be found at Bebebalm.

Where and How to purchase?

Bebebugs and Bebebalm can be purchased in jar or stick form.

They retail at SGD13 for a 20g jar / SGD26 for 50g / SGD44 for 100g / SGD8.75 for a set of 2 sticks.

Bebebalm can be found on Taobao shop 112904015.taobao.com or Wechat: Carolong001. It is also available through its Facebook page.  Products are available locally in Philippines, Singapore,  China, Taiwan. They ship internationally for a fee. Find out more about Bebebalm on its website. Bebebalm has promotions periodically so check their Facebook page to enjoy!

Both Bebebalm and Bebebugs are lovingly handcrafted moisturizers. They do not  contain medicine. They cannot replace medical treatment. For active flares, or if there are signs of infections, seek medical treatment immediately. No approved therapeutic claims

When trying new products, I suggest you do a patch test first. Products that work on me may not work the same on you

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